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Welcome to L2W

L2W was born in order to take the offerings in the learning space to the next level. From being one of the top content development companies in India, moving towards being amongst the top LMS providers in the world. With our Learner centric software approach, we aim at bringing a revolutionary change in the online learning system. It’s now time to change the learners' mindset from ‘drudgery of learning’ to ‘fun-filled learning’. In this journey, we intend to develop custom content and delivery solutions which allow:

Adaptive Learning

Focusing on “what does the learner know?” and “what should the learner experience next?”, L2W believes in creating the best possible learning experience for the learners through pathways, just-in-time feedback and resources.


Today’s learner wants to be engaged, entertained and gain knowledge in the shortest possible time. Keeping that in mind, L2W also delivers content in small, very specific bursts; giving total control to the learners of what they are learning in the form of animated mini videos and online modules.


Gamification is among many strategies used by L2W to create engaging courses for our learners. We create complete game-based courses and regular e-learning courses incorporated with in-between short-games.

Video Learning

Videos are now the most preferred source of training among corporates. L2W is a one-stop shop for trendy, short, crisp and engaging video modules.

Mobile learning

Learning anywhere, anytime is the need of the hour. For more flexible learning, L2W creates learning solutions for portable computing devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.

Simulation learning

When you want to focus more on “practice” than “knowledge”; Simulation is the answer. L2W specialises in creating Simulation based learning specifically to enable practice of key skills in learners.


We diligently take care of all your eLearning and web necessities, while you focus on your business. We strive continuously to build a long-term relationship with all our clients. We help you in creating a success out of your dream projects, with much responsibility and enthusiasm.

One stop learning platform for all

LearnivO v2.1 is L2W’s latest release of its LMS and is breaking new grounds in the learning management space and bringing to you many ‘world’s class features’. LearnivO v2.1 change all that with its revolutionary user interface, learner-focused workflows, responsive design that enables users to seamlessly access the LMS through multiple devices, insightful dashboards, and much more. All this result into much more enthused and engaged learners, better control over learning, and faster ROI.
Improved GUI, robust mis, automated monitoring systems, etc. not only helps in delivering a cost-effective platform but also a less manual administrative approach curtails the manual error chance.

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Content Development

Content Development

We are one of the leading eLearning content development companies from India. L2W has successfully developed more than 5000 hours of eLearning content and is currently taking care of the learning needs for fortune 500 companies and top Indian corporates.

Our content development solution offers responsive HTML5 Solution, Video nuggets, authoring tool solution, game-based e-learning etc. We have developed a variety of compelling eLearning courses for different training needs for different corporate domains like HR, Sales and Marketing, Banking, Finance, Customer Service, Soft Skills and more.


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